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Without electric power, sensors or human intervention, Ventient Natural Ventilation technology automatically controls ventilation dependent on ambient temperatures, optimising the benefits of natural ventilation without introducing air that is too hot or too cold. 

Product Description

Using state-of-the-art temperature perception technology, Proctor Ventient is an environmentally friendly technology that does not require the use of electric power. By using the physical characteristics of a unique Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Proctor Ventient can adjust the volume of ventilation levels depending on temperature. 

Amongst the wide range of patented Proctor Ventient products is the stylish and sleek Ventient SCW-N unit which can be used in curtain walls with minimal impact on the exterior or interior design finish.

Proctor Ventient will usually work in automatic mode but most devices will also offer the ability for occupants to manually close the ventilation if required. The devices can be also be accessed to replace filters for ease of maintenance.


Proctor Ventient Natural ventilation system


Design and Manufacture

All Proctor Ventient devices are 100% designed, manufactured and assembled in Japan by Sahara K.K. to meet strict quality control requirements of Japan's major house builder and window manufactures.  As the largest supplier of trickle vents in Japan, Sahara K.K. has a wealth of expertise in ventilation and product design with the ability to adapt and integrate their devices to suit  specific window and curtain walls types.   


  • Very simple installation with just screw and clip fixings
  • Clean interior finish of aluminium continuous ventilation grill and low profile operational lever 
  • No reliance on occupant to set controls
  • No electric power or sensors required
  • Maximises the benefits of natural ventilation
  • Potential to reduce cooling loads
  • Occupants can override to open or close
  • Operates even when the space is not occupied
  • Lower noise pollution than open windows
  • No fear of intruders
  • Works where operable windows cannot be used
  • Child safety
  • No need for fly screens
  • Option for filters to reduce particle content of air

We are currently working with local manufacturers to incorporate the Proctor Ventient trickle vent devices into their products and systems. We welcome enquiries from window manufacturers that want to work with us to offer Ventient as a part of their own product range.  


  • Using natural ventilation to reduce the need for cooling in office buildings
  • Night Purge on summer nights
  • Various devices to suit the preferred application and position (horizontal, vertical and flat types)
  • Trickle vents for windows, wall vents, louvres, sub floor, roof space and floor vents 
Performance and Testing
  • Water Tightness
    1,500Pa of wind driven rain in accordance with JIS A 1517. 
    No water ingress when closed 
  • Air Tightness
    100Pa of positive and negative wind pressure in accordance with JIS A 1516.
    No measurable air leakage 
  • High Wind Loads
    3,600PA of positive  and negative wind pressure in accordance with JIS A 1515.
    Less than 0.2mm deflection
  • Noise
    Acoustic testing in accordance with
    JIS A 4706. 

 Case Studies

  • High rise multi residential apartments
  • Educational buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Student accommodation
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Detached and multi unit homes 













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