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Product Description

Improvements in building materials and higher quality construction mean that many building are meeting the goals of providing an energy efficient façade to offer occupants more control and  higher comfort levels at a lower energy cost.

This is creating buildings that are more airtight than previously, with the result that infiltration or leakiness is no longer providing a pathway for make-up air for exhaust systems.

The CSIRO estimated in 1998 that the cost of poor indoor air quality in Australia may be as high as $12 billion per year.

Although many building are complying with building code requirements by having sufficient openable windows, changing lifestyle patters, concerns about noise and security and generational differences mean that ventilation from open windows tends only to occur when buildings are occupied and are not being conditioned.


Unlike conventional systems such as operable windows or louvres, Proctor Ventient can get on with the job of providing fresh air circulation regardless of occupancy.  

As part of the total ventilation system Proctor Ventient can help reduce the need for cooling in buildings and provides fresh air for educational and healthcare facilities.

Providing ventilation for rooms or spaces that can remain unoccupied for periods throughout the year. Perfect for  student accommodation and hotels.

 The elderly and those with pre-existing respiratory disease are also more susceptible to illness caused by poor air quality.

Modern lifestyles mean that occupants are unable to mange purge ventilation and return home in the evening or after a few days away to stuffy environment. Ventient is an ideal solution for residential buildings such as modern air tight medium and high rise developments.

Natural Ventilation

Ventient devices (although unlikely alone) can contribute towards the total openable size of not less than 5% of the floor area of the room required to be ventilated.

Exhaust Make-up in Lieu of Supply

It is not possible to meet the code requirement for natural ventilation, when assessing for greenstar, or where the design preference is for a specific air change rate and 24 hour provision of fresh air without leaving windows open,  Ventient used in conjunction with low energy, mechanical extract ventilation can provide or contribute to supply ventilation as required when calculated in accordance with AS1668.2.

General Exhaust Make-Up Air

AS 1668.2 draws to the attention of designers that increased air-tightness of modern buildings requires consideration of  sources of make-up air.

In the past there has been a reliance on leakage through historically poor facade construction.  Make-up air drawn through gaps and service penetrations does not meet the requirements of Clause 2.3 within the standard and concerns related to make-up air being drawn through poorly sealed construction joints, brick cavity vents and even power outlets can lead to the loss of amenity in the enclosure.

Clause 2.3 specifies acceptable sources of outdoor air as a mechanical outdoor air supply or permanent natural ventilation openings. Ventient can  provide the later option.

Sample Specification

Install Proctor Ventient Trickle Breathe trickle ventilator with shape memory allow thermal actuator into the window in accordance with the user guide.

Device Length: ________mm (L2 from figure 1)

Optional features:  (from table 2)

Product Code: VENTIENT TB-11 / TB-22

Ventilation volume at ⊿P 9.8Pa: (from table 3)

Colour:  (from table 1)










View from interior with optional cover

View from interior with optional cover 



Ventient Trickle Breathe optional cover

View from exterior with optional cover 

Proctor Ventient Trickle Breathe standard device viewed from interior

Standard device viewed from the interior


  Proctor Ventient Trickle Breathe interior with cover option

Image from interior with cover option



 Proctor Ventient Trickle Breathe exterior with cover option

Image from exterior with cover opt


Table 1 Performance 

Open area (A)

7.2cm² - 108.0cm²

Effective open area (αAwith Type A filter 

1.7cm² - 57.9cm²

Air Tightness (JIS A 1516) when closed

A-4 (<20m³/hr.m² at 100Pa)

Water tightness (JIS A 1517) when closed (no cover)

W-4 (350Pa)

Wind pressure (JIS A 1515) when closed

S3 (1,600Pa)

Acoustic Ratings (JIS A4706)





Standard Sizes and colours

 Minimum Length (L2)

216 mm

Minimum Length (L2)


Option to trim length 

Available as requested up to 100mm

Suitable for glazing units

Available as requested up to 100mm

Manufacturing tolerance

± 1 mm  

Standard available colours for main unit in gloss or matt anodized finish.

 Proctor Ventient Trickle Breathe Colour Selection

Addition of unfinished interior and exterior covers enables the local window supplier to powder coat covers to match the frame.

  Table 2 Optional Features

Shape Memory Alloy (SMA)

Not available as standard

Mesh to resist vermin and Insects

1.5mm opening

 Air filter (average arrestance) - Type A 68%
 Manual Operation

- Closable

- Openable



Standard (Auto mode)

Intumescent fire barrier


Available option with

exterior cover

 Additional acoustic attenuation


Available option with interior and exterior covers


Exterior cover  Available

Interior cover



Interior covers can be      removed from the interior to clean the device and filter.


Proctor Ventient Trickle Breathe tb-22 VENTIENT-TB-22


Proctor Ventient Trickle Breathe TB-11



Proctor Ventient Trickle Breathe TB-11


Proctor Ventient Trickle Breathe TB-22



The details supplied here are based upon good practice and currently available information.  Advice regarding this product  should be taken as a guide only. We reserve the right to change  product specification without notice so please refer to our website for the latest version of this document.  Please contact us to discuss your project and any technical enquires.  Please refer to the PQ data sheet and product user guide.











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